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Barre is a low-impact form of training combining movements inspired by classical ballet and traditional strength training. But don’t worry - you won’t see any complex choreography or tutus in our classes. With the flow of a yoga class and the core strengthening focus of a Pilates class, you will work using high repetitions and small ranges of movement to strengthen not only your large muscle groups, but also your smaller stabilising muscles. We use small props such as light hand-weights and resistance bands to increase the intensity of the workout, providing a full-body workout from head to toe. The use of a ballet barre aids in proper alignment and building strength for single leg standing work.

Expect better posture, improved balance, increased flexibility and strength, and a strong feeling of accomplishment after attending one of our classes. Absolute beginners are welcome at any of our classes which will be modified or progressed to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey.

Our method has strong ties to the original creator of Barre, Lotte Berk who developed the programme with her orthopaedic surgeon following a serious spinal injury, making our workouts extremely safe and rehabilitative. There is no jumping involved in any of our classes (except our adult ballet class) and our workouts can be modified to include Pre- and Postnatal clients and those recovering from injuries.

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