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Inclusive and Joyful Movement

Barre, Ballet and Yoga classes that will move, strengthen and restore your body and (perhaps more importantly) leave a smile on your face



My passion for movement and fitness started early with my love for competing in triple jump and hurdles, representing Victoria through Australia's amateur athletic ranks. After starting our family and having children, my body changed - I needed movement to regain my strength and mobility, I found Barre and fell in love.

I believe that movement should be accessible to any age, shape, gender or fitness level. Barre's combination of both strength and flexibility within our training is essential to develop and maintain our bodies. We are dedicated to teaching Barre to the highest of standards but making it accessible for all levels of fitness. 

I'm not here to sell you the promise of new physique, rather we are here to help you move better for longer. I'd love for you to join us!


For anyone interested in honing in on those small muscle groups and improving posture as well as a full body workout, this Barre studio's classes deliver in spades. I was a beginner when I first came to Richmond Barre, but I found their classes had variations for all levels. And the more advanced variations were something to aspire to. I have done classes with Helen and Georgina and every class was challenging and always left me feeling energised and like my whole body has been given a good workout. Also love their attention to form and their small classes mean the teacher can always correct/adjust you and guide you.

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